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Ensure that your mission critical ERP platform is supported by the most experienced team. Starts with unlimited users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after my enterprise contract expires?

You can continue to use ERPNext on your server after your enterprise support license expires, but you will have to manage your own support and server management. Some features like in-app support will also stop working.

If ERPNext is Free and Open Source, why charge per user?

ERPNext is Free and Open Source ("free" as in "free-speech"), but the services around ERPNext need engineers to support you. These are what is charged. Since scale, complexity and support requirement of a deployment is proportional to the number of users, the Enterprise Support contract is also priced per user. Also most ERP products are priced per user, so it is easy to compare with other products. ERPNext Support is a fraction of what you would pay for NetSuite, SAP or Oracle Cloud.

Is there a separate pricing for Employee Self-Service (HR module only) user?

No. ERPNext is not restricted to just one module, with the standard support, customers can access all modules like and CRM, Projects, Helpdesk.

How is the number of users counted?

The number of users at the time of signup is counted for the Support Billing. If the number of users exceeds by 15% of the billable users, additional billing is required, for continued support.

Is ERPNext available in my language?

Most likely yes! ERPNext has been translated to more than 70 languages with the help of the community. View the translation portal for a full list of supported languages

Can I pay via credit card or wire transfer?

Yes, you can make payment from within your account using your credit card. If you prefer wire us the money, here are our bank details.

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